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Why a new blog host?

Welcome to those that have found their way here!  Please spread the word, as I’m not sure everyone (particularly those on Bloglines) will have picked up the post announcement on my old site.

In answer to the big question, “Why move your blog here?” I will tell you.

  1. After looking at some other blogs on WordPress, I investigated the interface here, and found that it was able to do everything I liked from Blogger, but more.  In particular, those who post a lot of images appreciate the Full Screen Editor mode.  On Blogger it can be sooooo frustrating to try and move around images in the tiny window they offer.  Also WordPress offers better tools for adding video, music and other media.  You can actually name the web address for each post yourself.  And finally, I found that the theme templates were more flexible so I can manipulate and move things around as I please.
  2. Blogger was having increasingly frequent outages that were frustrating.  I don’t know if it’s at all related to the fact that it’s run by Google, but it was annoying regardless.  (And I have nothing against Google, truly.)
  3. Most of all I was just ready for a fresh start in blogging.  I’m hoping that the new format will inspire me to write more and add more external content, like YouTube videos and song samples.
  4. Also it seemed like a good time for a change, considering I started on Blogger almost exactly 4 years ago (October 16th, to be precise).

But it’s important to note that I am in no way going to shut down the old blog.  It’s a good archives of years of thought, which I’ll continue to link to as appropriate.  Besides, where else will the hundreds of people go who are interested in things like Madonna’s greatest hits or Jade’s famous exit poem on Top Model?

So thanks for the support over the years, and thank you for joining me on this new endeavor.  Stay tuned – my first “real” post is coming up!


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Welcome to my new site!

After frequent frustrations with Blogger, I’m joining the many folks who have migrated here to WordPress.  Over the coming weeks I’ll make it all nice and shiny with familiar widgets and such.

Let me know what you think of the new digs!

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