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It’s sad to say, but Saturday brought us the final episode of my beloved Pushing Daisies.  Thankfully the send-off ended in typical fashion – lovely, charming and colorful.

To the dreamy Piemaker,

To the re-alive Chuck,

To the curmudgeonly Cod,

To the scrappy Olive,

and of course to the Darling Mermaid Darlings…

Farewell to Pushing Daisies

Farewell.  *sniff*


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The main TV season is over for the year, and the summer season has begun.  Let’s talk about what’s gone, and what’s coming up!

First off, I have to mourn the loss of our dearly departed Reaper.  Maybe it wasn’t a truly amazing show, but it always gave us some giggles, and the series finale had a couple huge laughs.  The writers did a nice job in season 2 keeping the storyline moving along, and introducing Nina the demon as a girlfriend for Ben was genius.  Clearly the finale wasn’t meant to be a real end for the series, but it will have to do.  I guess I’m back to just 1 show to watch on the CW anymore!

Reaper Ben Nina

Currently it’s still a good time for TV.  We’ve been blessed with the final episodes of Pushing Daisies, which is being prematurely canceled.  At least we have a few more moments to savor.  If the upcoming episodes feature Olive singing additional songs by Lionel Ritchie, I say – heaven!

Talking about TVAlso we have been sucked into So You Think You Can Dance.  It’s a show that my friends have been imploring me to watch for years, but I think I was too gun-shy from American Idol.  Fortunately SYTYCD is vastly superior, and really features some top-notch talent.  The judges offer substantive feedback to the dancers, and some people are put through to the next round even if they aren’t totally photogenic.  Imagine that, Idol producers!  Right now I have my eye on the two blond sisters that auditioned in separate cities.  They were showing modern dance at its best.  Also I’m fond of this redhead (Natalie) – she’s utterly charming.  So bring on the tamale train!

Finally, you should pencil something into your August calendar now – it’s the return of Project Runway!  According to the folks at Entertainment Weekly the show isn’t going to change much at all now that it’s on Lifetime, other than the current season taking place in Los Angeles.  I can hardly wait!  Bring on the withering stares from Nina Garcia!

So that’s my story – now it’s time to tell me yours.  What shows are you sad to see cancelled this year?  Or are there any that you breathed a sigh of relief when you heard they were renewed?  And what will you be watching during this long hot summer?

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I want to keep you up to speed on all the latest TV news, so here are a few tidbits you should hear if you haven’t already:

Pushing Daisies will be back!  But only to finish out its season.  But the specifics are, unsurprisingly, vague from ABC.  Insiders have reported that it could be mid-summer, so keep your eyes peeled around June.

photo courtesy ABC.com

photo courtesy ABC.com



At long last, the legal brouhaha over Project Runway is over.  The details don’t really matter to us, the fans – all you need to know is it will air on Lifetime very soon.  Expect to see season six episodes sometime this summer.  The whole season has already been filmed, so they just need to broadcast it!  (After marketing it heavily during TV movies starring Melissa Gilbert and Lindsay Wagner, of course.)


Lastly, I want to continue sharing the love that is Susan Boyle.  I feel like I’ve told everyone in the free world to watch this clip, but in case you missed, become one of the 12 million hits on YouTube!


TV tidbits

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Dead before its time

Alas, things are not looking good for our beloved Pushing Daisies.  Check out this article.


At this point I think the best we can hope is that ABC’s regular schedule tanks in the spring, and they bring Daisies back during a dull period for television.  Perhaps then it can find the audience it deserves.

Please feel free to use the comments section to write your own eulogy to this wonderful show.

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