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Two overdue reviews

Here are a couple movies I saw several weeks ago, and I’m a bit behind in getting my reviews up on the blog.

Sex and the City 2

The critics have been brutal in talking about this movie, which I think has been somewhat unfair.  Although some of the issues are legit, on the whole I felt this movie did exactly what was intended – to provide a light-hearted escapist experience for die-hard fans of the show.  And in that, I think SATC 2 succeeded.

The plot, thin as it is, revolves around Samantha having an opportunity to travel to Abu Dhabi as the potential publicist for a luxury hotel.  This seems like the perfect opportunity for the girls to join her, as they are either escaping their troubles (Carrie and Charlotte) or enjoying new freedom (Miranda).  Hijinks ensue, of course.  Oh, and the whole movie starts with a super-gay wedding featuring Liza Minnelli singing a song perhaps best left alone.

One criticism of the movie, which I think is sound, is that this felt like a long episode from the series.  That brings with it the problem of potentially giving some of the girls the short end of the stick in the story department, which is certainly true this time around.  The movie is very much focused on Carrie’s marital struggles with Big and the unexpected appearance of Aidan.  And if Carrie drove you crazy in the series with her self-destructive behavior, then you’re in for a whopping dose of the same in this movie.  Meanwhile Charlotte gets the ‘B plot’ with her worries that she’s not the perfect mother and wife she wants to be.  That leaves Sam and Miranda with very short bits that are nice but lack any depth.

All that being said, the movie is still a hoot!  I went with “the girls” and we laughed hearty and often.  It was often over the top, and I’d say most of us didn’t care.  There was also a very good scene between Miranda and Charlotte which brought on laughter and tears.  I have a feeling that “SIP!” is going to become Miranda’s catch-phrase.

Overall, I liked the movie – it was a great time.  But it certainly wouldn’t stand on its own for those new to these characters.  For hardcore fans, this movie gets a B+.  But for non-fans, it’s a C.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Creating a movie based on a video game is sketchy at best.  We’ve seen many failures in the past (Mortal Kombat, anyone?), so one wondered what possessed the powers-that-be at Disney to greenlight this film.

Don’t get me wrong – Prince wasn’t awful.  There were a number of amusing moments, particularly from Alfred Molina’s turn as a Tea Party conservative from another age.  The desert views are all lovely – often done better than in SATC 2, actually.  And of course there is the wonder that is Jake Gyllenhaal’s abdominal area.  Perhaps just building a movie around that isn’t such a bad idea…

The plot is relatively simple – powerful Persia seeks to overtake a holy city that is accused of trading arms with the enemy.  Three brothers disagree, then fight, some people die, and there’s a lovely princess.  Throw in a dagger that can turn back time a few moments and you have a fantasy yarn.

But the direction is heavy-handed and a number of the actors just phone in their performances.  One also wonders why the whole of Persia speaks with such pronounced British accents.  I also felt like the action sequences were uneven – while some kept you in the moment, others just seemed dull and uninspiring.

This might be a decent movie for a rental, but I’d say skip it on the big screen unless you have a dire need to see Jake in all his super-sized glory.  I give it a C+.


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